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DALLAS (May 13, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced it has been selected by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to provide project inspection services for the construction of drainage tunnels for the next phase of its $4.50亿美元的资本快车(CapEx)中心项目在奥斯汀. The project...

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DALLAS (May 9, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that its joint venture with Stantec was awarded a five-year environmental planning contract by the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Pacific. 合资企业将提供环境规划服务, 主要是在太平洋地区, in support of Navy...

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DALLAS (May 8, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that its joint venture with Arup has been appointed as a design and consenting service partner for the UK National Grid’s Great Grid Partnership. 该伙伴关系预计将提供一个连接清洁能源的设计和建设项目...

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AECOM’s award-winning sports design studio continues to lead the industry and remain at the forefront of sports and entertainment innovation. DALLAS (May 6, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布任命Dan Meis, FAIA, 担任全球运动设计总监. 被公认为loveBet爱博体育下载领先的创新者之一...

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With now over 1,在全球600多个地点成功开展了200个PFAS项目, the Company is advising clients through its industry-leading emerging contaminants expertise following the EPA’s finalization of its National Primary Drinking Water Regulation rule. DALLAS (April 11, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that it is...

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DALLAS (April 8, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that an AECOM-led joint venture with Jacobs has been selected by Amtrak to serve as delivery partner for the $6 billion Frederick Douglass Tunnel Program that will upgrade a ten-mile section of the Northeast Corridor (NEC), America’s busiest passenger...

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DALLAS (April 4, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布维多利亚州政府已任命AECOM, 与Acciona和MACA Civil合作, as alliance non-owner participants to design and construct Australia’s M80 Ring Road Completion between Plenty Road and the North East Link in Watsonia, Melbourne....

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更新后的RFS代表了重型客车的首次自动化采购和大规模部署, 2024) -自动公交联盟™, a collective of U.S. 运输机构和几个州的交通部门, 已经发布了一份新的解决方案请求(RFS),以采购重型高度自动化的公交巴士. Following the release of the...

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DALLAS (April 1, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that it has been selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to provide environmental restoration and compliance services at facilities across the United States as part of the NASA Environmental Restoration and Compliance Contract (NERCC).   Under...

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PlanEngage’s integration with EQuIS™ will help unify data management and drive greater stakeholder alignment on remediation projects DALLAS (March 27, 2024) –AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布与EarthSoft建立新的合作伙伴关系, 全球领先的环境数据管理软件(EDMS), 将AECOM在环境修复方面的深厚专业知识与EarthSoft相结合...

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HONG KONG (March 13, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布AECOM与Halcrow中国有限公司成立合资企业, a Jacobs-owned company, 已获香港特别行政区政府土木工程拓展署选为新田科技城的承建商, 大型北方大都市的中心...

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基于对全球100多位高铁行业决策者的研究, 从愿景到现实:新的高速铁路剧本, 快速探索通往成功的道路, modern, 综合和可持续铁路服务达拉斯(3月13日), 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布发布新报告, From...

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BURNABY (March 6, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布任命费萨尔·西迪基为高级主管, 不列颠哥伦比亚省的公路工程. In this role, 他负责领导当地的公路工程团队,包括结构和桥梁工程, 道路安全与交通工程, intelligent transportation systems, geomatics and...

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DALLAS (March 5, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that an AECOM-led team has been selected by Amtrak to support the development of the Susquehanna River Rail Bridge Project (SRB). 该项目旨在改善美国铁路沿线的铁路连通性和安全性.S. 东北走廊将取代现有的...

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公司已被Ethisphere认可为通过一流的道德规范展示商业诚信, compliance, 和治理实践, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布,它已被Ethisphere评为2024年全球最具商业道德公司之一. This marks the eighth year...

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DALLAS (February 29, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded an AECOM joint venture with Dewberry (NISTAC PLUS JV) a contract to provide public and technical assistance services under the Public Assistance Technical Assistance V (PA-TAC...

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DALLAS (February 26, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE:ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that it will provide design services as part of the Pape North Connect Team selected by Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx to deliver the Pape Tunnel and Underground Stations (PTUS) contract for the Ontario Line, a 15.6公里的独立快速公交线路...

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RICHMOND (February 20, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced it has been selected to provide program management services for the City of Richmond’s (the City) Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Serving as program manager, 这将是AECOM提供项目管理服务的第三份合同,以帮助伦敦金融城实现其目标...

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TORONTO (February 12, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布Katherine Stephens被任命为加拿大地区高级副总裁兼首席运营官, based in its Toronto office. 在AECOM工作了近20年. 斯蒂芬斯将负责推动长期增长,提供运营领导,...

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DALLAS (February 7, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布,该公司正在为美国主要石油公司提供众多项目.S. 运输客户已从联邦-州城际客运铁路拨款计划中获得资金. 该计划将提供大约16美元.40亿美元用于关键的铁路基础设施...

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OTTAWA (February 2, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that it has been appointed by the City of Ottawa (the City) as prime consultant for the development of a new electric bus garage as a part of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission’s (OC Transpo) Zero Emission Bus Project. The multi-year...

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DALLAS (January 31, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE:ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, announced today that it has been recognized for the tenth consecutive year on Fortune magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. “庆祝我们成为《loveBet爱博体育下载》杂志全球最受尊敬的公司之一,是对我们优秀团队的证明...

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NEW YORK (January 29, 2024) –AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, announced the appointment of three executives within its Construction Management business to new national leadership roles in key market sectors. Corissa Smith, executive vice president, Ken Johnson, executive vice president, and Jerry Sheets, senior vice president, 将管理业务的追求和项目...

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The venture will deliver a new conveyance tunnel on behalf of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to improve the reliability and resilience of the City’s water supply. DALLAS (January 22, 2024) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布纽约市环境保护部门...

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TORONTO (January 11, 2024) AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布,Aleksandar (Sasha) Živković已被任命为其加拿大水务业务的矿业市场部门负责人. 他在AECOM的密西沙加办公室工作. Živković将负责制定和执行该地区采矿实践的愿景, which includes driving...

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DALLAS (January 4, 2024) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced that the Los Angeles County Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has awarded the Vermont Transit Corridor Planning and Environmental Study to the Vermont Corridor Partners (VCP), aec领导的与少数人拥有的小企业的合资企业. Hayes Associates Inc. (TAHA) and RAW...

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DALLAS (December 22, 2023) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布,该公司已被Metrolinx选中,成为其Eglinton crostown West Extension项目的交付合作伙伴, a 9.即将到来的埃格林顿跨城轻轨交通(LRT)从未来的丹尼斯山站延伸至伦福斯2公里...

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DALLAS (December 20, 2023) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, announced today that Yvonne Bilshausen has joined as Global Head of Airport Architecture and Engineering for its Buildings + Places Global Business Line. Based out of Phoenix, Ms. Bilshausen将负责领导增长、战略业务发展和项目. She brings over...

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The Company will leverage its specialized digital expertise and engineering capabilities to help clients implement Intelligent Automation to improve public services DALLAS (December 20, 2023) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced it has been appointed to an Intelligent Automation framework agreement with National Health Service (NHS) Shared Business Services,...

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DALLAS (December 18, 2023) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天,Sunwater宣布已任命AECOM合资公司作为昆士兰工程和专业服务合作伙伴, 澳大利亚散装水服务供应商. Sunwater的水坝和管道提供了昆士兰商业用水的40%,甚至更多...

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DALLAS (December 12, 2023) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布欢迎环境管理和规划解决方案, Inc. (EMPSi), a leading U.S. 环境咨询公司,到AECOM. Founded in 2006, EMPSi团队由50多名专业人士组成,在环境分析方面具有丰富的专业知识, assessments and permitting, particularly with U.S....

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DALLAS (December 12, 2023) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, today announced it has been selected to provide program management services to Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) in support of facility upgrades, renovations, 整个地区的新增和新建项目. 在过去的60年里,AECOM通过各种方式支持了该地区...

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LOS ANGELES (December 5, 2023) — AECOM, 全球值得信赖的基础设施咨询公司, 今天宣布任命苏·克肖为高级副总裁, 项目管理主管,负责项目管理全球业务线. In this role, Ms. Kershaw将负责监督公司在loveBet爱博体育下载各地的转型和复杂项目, providing technical...

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